January 1, 2000

What do LA’s greatest musicians do for fun?

What do LA’s greatest musicians do for fun?

“The players are wonderful, the series is wonderful, and I love the balance between the new works and the traditional repertoire. It’s the perfect series.”

-Joanne Pearce Martin, pianist and skydiver

“I think Pacific Serenades’s idea is wonderful-I love the series. The players are all wonderful, the settings are beautiful, and the new piece is always exciting.”

-Miwako Watanabe, violinist

“Pacific Serenades gives me the opportunity to perform great music with great musicians. The audiences are so receptive, and the rapport between the musicians and the audience is very strong.”

-Roland Kato, violist

“I think that of all my chamber music experiences, my most satisfying have been with Pacific Serenades. There is a really cooperative feeling that we are all in this together to make beautiful music.”

-Kathleen Roland, soprano

“Pacific Serenades has evolved into a more and more important artistic entity, and we performers put it at the top of our priorities. It has struck a chord with a lot of people-Pacific Serenades gives us new music that we really enjoy playing.”

-Gary Gray, clarinetist