January 1, 2001

The Secret Garden

Pacific Serenades is like a secret garden, a garden filled with intoxicating fragrances, mysteriously entwining branches, fountains from which gemstones seem to flow-a garden which renews your spirit through an intimate and direct experience of beauty.

For 15 years, we have cultivated this garden, creating a welcoming environment where truly great musicians join ardent listeners for the pleasure of making music. These are concerts where you matter, where the sense of involvement between audience and musician is palpable. These are concerts where your desire for new music that is as beautiful, accessible, and profound as the treasures of the past creates a style of programming that you will not find anywhere else.

Welcome to our garden. The delights here are both earthly and celestial. And a passion-shared among you and the musicians-for an experience that touches your heart and uplifts your spirit makes it a garden that keeps blossoming, long after the music has ended.

-Mark Carlson, Artistic Director