January 17, 2016

Pacific Serenades Announces Distribution Partnership with Subito Music

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership between Pacific Serenades Music, our publishing company, and Subito Music! Under this new partnership, Subito will distribute the 50 out of 112 commissioned pieces that we currently publish—a number that will continue to grow. Very few ensembles can boast of premiering 112 works, but as far as we know, no other ensemble can beat our track record of commissioning and premiering music that goes on to second, third, fourth performances, and beyond. Virtually all of our pieces have done so, and some have had as many as 100 performances—and counting!


Because of Subito’s renowned reputation as the “go to” place for new concert music, this partnership will allow us to reach a wider audience of potential ensembles to play our compositions, thus expanding the visibility of our music even more. Our catalog will now be available through The Subito Music Store, which allows musicians and ensembles easy access to our sheet music from anywhere in the world. This distribution agreement not only directly increases exposure of our work to those in the music community, but helps promote our organization as a whole.


Subito is widely recognized as a leader in the concert music publishing industry, and has a reputation for publishing, producing, and distributing the finest quality music with state-of-the-art service. Subito provides a wide range of production and distribution services for both composers and publishers, including engraving, printing, sales, and copyright administration.


Subito publishes a select roster of important composers of today. In addition, Subito represents the music in the catalogs of Stephen Paulus, Seesaw Music, Dunstan House, Treble Clef Music, Columbia University Press, CD Sheet Music, and Ben Rena Music, among others.