January 1, 1999


Just what is it that makes a Pacific Serenades concert so much fun?

Long ago at a Pacific Serenades concert, it hit me like a bolt of lightning: these amazing musicians are playing Schubert just for me! I have since come to realize that this shared intimacy is the normal experience for people at our concerts.

Imagine some of the greatest musicians in the world gathering for the pure joy of making music together. Even as their days and nights are filled with music-they are principal players for the likes of the LA Chamber Orchestra, the Long Beach Symphony, and for such films as Titanic- they always make time to play for Pacific Serenades. Why? Because playing chamber music brings such joy to their own lives. Because they know they will be playing music that moves them and uplifts their spirits. Because they know that their joy in making music is infectious and that Pacific Serenades audiences are there to share in that joy. We all love music-both old and new-because its beauty and depth move us. What better way to experience that than with LA’s finest musicians playing the world’s most beautiful music-just for you!

-Mark Carlson, Artistic Director